14 Jul 2012

5 Reasons Why We Love WordPress to Create Your Website and Blog

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1. WordPress can be used for simple blogging or full website content.

WordPress started as just a blogging platform but has evolved as a full content management system.  This means you don’t need different programs for your company website and blog.

2. WordPress is optimized for SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is important if you want to reach a wide audience.  It’s what drives your site to the top when certain keywords are searched for.  WordPress has SEO benefits built-in.  You don’t have to learn yet another set of skills to gain the benefits.

3. WordPress breaks you free from the chains of a webmasters!

How?  Because it is easy to update.  You can now update your own website and don’t need to know HTML!  That means saving time and money.

4. WordPress has thousands of extensions.

There is a large community of WordPress developers who create free stuff like themes for the look & feel of your site. They create widgets and plug-ins which affects the way your site functions.  That means you can now add lots of cool new features to your website or blog without hiring a web developer.

5. WordPress allows multiple users.

This means you can create different profiles to suit the needs of your business.  You can give control the role from Administrator to subscriber and everything in between with varying degrees of access to maintain the security and integrity of your site.

Here’s a freebie:  WordPress is free.

WordPress software is free…zip, zero, nada!

Pretty cool…huh?!

There are lots of other reasons but theses are the main ones.

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